Thursday, April 1, 2010

opportunity grabbed by rachit..congrats!!

Actually no matter that how yours journey goes and where...but the matter is the *destiny*- the final destination of our journey, our final goal...this is the man's power, which lies with in himself and he is the master of his own destiny n destiny can ruin him. he is the captain of his soul................just to wait the opportunity exploration and grab them  as possible as you not waste time dreaming of great far away the best you can where you are..many young men in today's life say that these are the extreme cases,and that there is no such hidden wealth anywhere in their vicinity...but this is not fact...there and here is wealth only...if wanna something and have guts to have it. 
*rachit* one of  my friend..was waiting for grabbing the opportunity of his internship for this coming summer...finally his waiting time is over that means he grabbed the opportunity..congrats!!
His journey begins...for the your petals of power and beauty and fling out the fragrance of your life in the place that has been assigned to you......the whole shole journey of grabbing the *Paris* by *rachit* is in next post.......